Meet the Team

Sapphira – Academy Founder/Owner


I love to inspire women and bring out the confidence and showgirl that is in each and every one of them. I re-discovered dancing at the age of 23 and my own increased self-confidence through performing burlesque inspired me to teach. I learnt from amazing teachers including Azura, Mia Serra, Natacha Atlas, Ozgen, Princess Farhana, Jo King and Marietta Mehanni. I have also done many profound life-changing personal development courses in Self-Esteem, Sexuality and Connection with More To Life and Soul Voice® and bring a fresh angle of increasing positivity and self-love into all courses at the academy.

Lena D’Avola



Under her real name, Hana Vraniqi, Lena D’Avloa has had a long history in the arts and acting community. She blossomed into her burlesque persona at Red Bennies in Melbourne and has not looked back. Her stage presence and acting skills shine through in her role as teacher at Sapphira’s Showgirls which she loves adding to her repertoire because she enjoys empowering other women to realise their creative dreams. Her noted acting career includes a role in the Holden TV commercial on NZ screens, feature film appearances in Red Sky listed on Film Victoria and Screen Australia and over 7 IMDB credits.

Sorbet Seduction

Sorbet Seduction - PA to Sapphira


Sorbet Seduction’s career in hospitality management, organisational skills in administration and also her own creativity as soloist, Head Stage Kitty, Backstage Manager and Show Producer/Fundraiser means this teacher has more to offer than just a fun dance class.
Founder of “Breast Night of My Life” a fundraising charity event, she is passionate about empowering women in all areas of life.