#SayIDoDownunder – Sapphira’s Showgirls Support from London

#SayIDoDownUnder - #MarriageEquality #Australia

There’s a fantastic initiative underway and the team at Sapphira’s Showgirls are behind the concept of marriage equality in Australia. It is legal in the UK and we want the same on home shores. Please show your support by purchasing a tshirt, this campaign was created by Joshua Sasse and Kylie Minogue who have made a statement they will not marry until it is legal for same-sex marriage in Australia, too.


Meeting Sir Richard Branson

It’s not often I’m speechless….

Meeting Sir Richard Branson was one of those rare moments. In fact, even I sit here to write my thoughts on the event and my 4 year campaign, I am still in a deep reflection. More words will come later. In the meantime, please enjoy this photo as I present him with my Guinness World Record Certificate achieved with Burleskathon and 77 other performers. I was also able to present the My Heart Belongs To Branson photobook detailing the campaign I have created to reach him.

Meeting Sir Richard Branson - My Heart Belongs To Branson - Sapphira & Sir Richard Branson

Crowdfunding to expand into London and Ibiza.

Help Our Crowdfunding… £385 raisedCrowdfunding for Sapphira's Showgirls

We have started a Crowdfunding campaign. Following our success in raising funds to help Sapphira attend #VirginDistruptors in London. We are now Crowdfunding to reach the next target of £10,000 to expand our business into London and Ibiza Spain.

Click here to pledge.