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Crowdfunding to expand into London and Ibiza.

Help Our Crowdfunding… £385 raisedCrowdfunding for Sapphira's Showgirls

We have started a Crowdfunding campaign. Following our success in raising funds to help Sapphira attend #VirginDistruptors in London. We are now Crowdfunding to reach the next target of £10,000 to expand our business into London and Ibiza Spain.

Click here to pledge.

Sapphira in Ibiza – Dorado Live Shows

We are thrilled our founder, Sapphira, was able to open for Monarchy, the Australian dance music producers who performed a live acoutstic set in Ibiza on Thursday 4th of August.

This was part of the Dorado live shows which are taking place until the end of September at Santos Ibiza.

Burlesque in Ibiza - Dorado Live Shows - Sapphira & MonarchyBurlesque In Ibiza - Sapphira - Dorado Live ShowsBurlesque In Ibiza - Sapphira - Dorado Live Shows

#BurlesqueAPeel – New Burlesque World Record

Sapphira's Showgirls - Burlesque World Record - Fastest Glove Peel Relay - Sir Richard Branson World Record TributeWe did it! Thank you to all the businesses, participants and volunteers who supported us setting a RecordSetter World Record.

Fastest Glove Peel Relay – 32 people 21.02 seconds

The World Record was a Valentine’s tribute to our heartthrob, Sir Richard Branson and we hope it brought a smile to his face! We’re a bit sad we wasted our kisses on a poster when we could have kissed his smiling face!

Here’s our World Record Video for World’s Fastest Burlesque Glove Peel Relay.. RecordSetter.com

Thank you to the 32 #BurlesqueAPeel participants who took part – their names are below.

Ambrosia Vanette
Belle Blonde
Belle DeVere
Cat VanCougar
Dahlia de la Lune
Dotty Fox
Karamela Deusa
Kitty Petite
Lady LeStrange
L’amour Le Monde
Leila Grace
Lipsylou aka Lauren McCarthy
Lulu Vesper
Luna Roja
Marianne Cheesecake
Megan La Belle
Mighty Moonshine
Miss Adora Belle
Miss Busty Malone
Miss Lily Cheeks
Peach Melba De Luxx
Rio Wild
Rose Noir
Savannah Valentine
Scarlett Dela Rosa
Smudge Davies aka Hannah Bailes
Stella Moon
Stormae Clouds
The Scarlet Widow
Valentina De Plume